Repair of yachts and boats

Repair of yachts and boats offered by our company includes a number of works related to restoring the condition of external and internal elements of the units. We invite you both in the event of a breakdown and to carry out an inspection assessing the general condition of the vessel. We have devices that allow us to easily detect a defect and then efficiently remove it. In addition to repairing boats and yachts, our services include a number of maintenance and finishing works.

We will take care of the efficiency and impeccable appearance of the vessel

The wide range of skills of our team and a modern workshop allow us to offer you services whose aim is not only to restore the efficiency and good condition of yachts and boats, but also to create a cozy interior in them. That is why in our offer you will find:

  • restoration of yachts,
  • lamination,
  • putty,
  • painting,
  • wood products,
  • boatbuilding constructions.

We offer maintenance and performance of all necessary works after the end of the season, wintering yachts and boats , as well as comprehensive preparation of units before the start of the next season. We also subject yachts and motorboats to varnishing , which restores their aesthetic values ​​and increases the surface resistance to weather conditions and radiation UV and contact with salt and fresh water.

We also deal with building yachts from scratch . We offer the execution of ships in accordance with the delivered project, as well as comprehensive advice both in terms of interior planning and the choice of finishing materials.