Varnishing of yachts and motorboats

We varnish yachts and motorboats after prior visual inspection and preparation of a work plan. In many cases, varnishing must be preceded by preparatory works that increase the adhesion of the surface, thanks to which the effect will be more durable. The knowledge of our specialists allows you to assess whether it will be necessary to remove the existing coating or it is enough to prepare it by matting, dusting and degreasing before varnishing.

We varnish the elements inside and out

Varnishing motorboats , yachts and other vessels is done in a special cabin, thanks to which the work is more efficient and accurate – the automatic varnishing method allows for the application of uniform layers of paint.

Correctly selected varnish will ensure durability of the coated surfaces. We select preparations of well-known and respected manufacturers, adjusting their properties to the features you expect from the obtained coatings. The lacquered interior must be resistant to mechanical damage and chemicals used for cleaning. The surfaces of the units outside are required to maintain their good condition as long as possible despite exposure to UV radiation and unfavorable weather conditions. We have experience in varnishing various types of materials and wood species. We choose varnishes that will ensure durability and aesthetics of the coating.

We want to protect your yachts and boats against loss of efficiency, damage and breakdowns, therefore our offer also includes boat wintering </ a>, for which the units will be comprehensively prepared in advance. For this purpose, we will perform work including, inter alia, the repair of damaged elements, as well as engine maintenance.