Servicing of boats and yachts

Nikmat offers specialized boat and yacht service . To provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services, we cooperate with a wide group of specialists in the field of mechanics, boatbuilding, sail production, varnishing, carpentry and other specialties. We also have extensive technological facilities. A neat combination of our associates’ experience, their expertise and a well-equipped machine park allows us to perform both basic services (e.g. painting or varnishing), as well as more advanced works, which include, among others:

  • hull service including repairs of various degrees of advancement, and protection of underwater parts against the harmful effects of external factors,
  • engine diagnostics,
  • repair of on-board installations (electric, water, gas),
  • damage diagnosis, assessment and replacement of propellers,
  • mast and rigging service,
  • comprehensive renovation of the interior of boats and yachts.

If you want your yacht to be renovated by professionals who will take care of even the smallest detail, please contact us!