Wintering of yachts and boats

Wintering yachts and boats in appropriate conditions is necessary to maintain their efficiency, therefore we recommend safe storage outside the summer season. The service includes taking the vessel out of the water, wintering it ashore in a suitable place, and then launching it in the spring before the start of the season.

Preparing the yacht for wintering

Many companies offering wintering of boats require that they be comprehensively prepared for storage. In such a situation, the owner must check the technical condition of the ship and perform all repair and maintenance works on his own. Our company provides comprehensive preparation of the yacht for wintering . Fall renovation works will give the vessel a better condition in spring and reduce the number of treatments to be performed before the start of the season.

The benefits of overwintering on land

Wintering on land is the safest way to store yachts and boats out of season. Thanks to this, the hull of the vessel is not exposed to damage caused by ice, and there is also no risk of crushing the hull. Leaving it in the water also does not allow for proper preparation of the boat for wintering , which has an even more negative impact on its technical condition and, consequently, generates huge costs associated with its restoration to its former condition.