Yacht & boat repairs in Gdańsk

Yacht & Boat Repairs In Gdańsk

Comprehensive repairs of sailing and motor yachts made of polyester, epoxy, steel and aluminum laminate.

What we do?

Our offer

  • Installation of thrusters

  • New teak decks

  • Maintenance of hulls in the underwater part (antifouling)

  • Varnishing yachts and smaller elements in the paint chamber



What else?

We also offer:

  • Restoration of yachts
  • Lamination
  • Putty
  • Painting
  • Wood products
  • Boatbuilding constructions
  • Installation of thrusters


How do we work?

We work with:

  • Sailmaker
  • Electrician

  • Upholsterer


Nikmat from Gdańsk performs repairs of yachts and boats made of wood and laminate, as well as aluminum and steel. As part of the renovation, we offer a wide range of works that will restore both the efficiency and lost aesthetic values ​​of yachts and boats. Many years of experience, supported by numerous implementations, guarantees efficient and reliable performance of the service in accordance with the customer’s guidelines. We will also propose solutions that will positively affect the condition and appearance of your yachts and boats, and thus – ensure greater safety, comfort and pleasure from sailing.

Works inside and outside yachts and boats

We provide services including comprehensive renovation of yachts and boats – we work both inside and outside the vessels. We work with artisans who specialize in the areas that are essential to restoring efficiency to yachts and boats. Belong to them:

  • mechanics,
  • boatbuilders,
  • sailmakers,
  • painters,
  • carpenters and many others.

Thanks to this, we can offer you not only basic services in the field of boat and other vessel renovation, such as yacht painting and varnishing, but also hull repair, propeller assessment and replacement, and engine diagnostics. We also offer interior renovation, including flooring, balustrades or finishing the deck bathroom.

We have a modern machine park

During the renovation of boats and yachts, we use modern technologies, thanks to which we can offer you an extensive list of services. We equipped our workshop with equipment for the production of epoxy laminates in vacuum technology. This method ensures a higher quality of products – the form does not contain air that could adversely affect the thickness of the walls, which improves their strength and stiffness. We also have varnishing chambers enabling faster implementation of works, which we divide into two stages – varnishing and drying. These and other devices not only ensure high quality of services, but also put the unit at your disposal on time.

Wintering of yachts and boats

For the convenience of our clients, we offer a comprehensive yacht wintering service along with the preparation of boats for wintering. Thanks to this, the owner of the vessel does not have to carry out repairs and maintenance on his own, as well as check the technical condition of the yacht before handing it over to us for storage until spring. In this case, we take care of everything necessary to keep your boat running smoothly for the next season.

Assembly of bow thrusters

If you are interested in our offer, please contact the Nikmat office in Gdańsk.

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